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Edith Hopwood

February 17, 2011

Edith is an English apple variety. I was struck by the name for a reason that will be obvious to a few (very few) of my gentle readers. A company called Frederica’s Cards Ltd., Bath ( ) publishes cards and wrapping paper etc, and has among its wares a poster with lots of apple names. I bought one of these at the Christchurch Art Gallery to give to someone (but as it turns out I kept it. That often happens).

Anyway, I was tempted to write down the name of every single variety featured on the poster but I decided that that was too much like hard work, and unnecessary and (possibly) a bit nutty. 

The following is a litlle selection of some apple names that took my fancy: Archimedes, Blood of the Boyne, Colwall Quoining, Dick’s Favourite, Eady’s Magnum, Fugglestone Pippin, Gloria Mundi, Hereford Beefing, Isaac Newton, Julgrans, King of Tomkins County, Lord Kitchener, Missing Link, Northern Spy, Oxford Yeoman, Pig’s Snout, Queen Mary, Roundway Magnum Bonum, Scilly Pearl, Ten Commandments, Upton Pyne, Vicar of Beighton, White Flanders and Young’s Pinello. It appears that there are no apple names starting with ‘z’.


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