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Manly or Bust

December 4, 2011

I caught a ferry again the other day. The rain didn’t spoil the trip at all. Even in the grey murk Sydney Harbour is quite magnificent, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the giant Gothic seashell that is the Sydney Opera House are old friends. The swell through the heads added some excitement without any queasiness. My sister and I leapt off at Manly, dashed out past the Bavarian bear (an odd seaside attraction I thought, but what would I know) and had a quick look at Captain Arthur Phillip’s landing spot on Australian soil, he being the first white man to set foot on it. There’s an Olympic walk there, too, but to be quite honest my interest in this is a bit weak. There were no little penguins about either, so we dashed back (it was still raining) and leapt on the ferry with a minute to spare.

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