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Owls in passing.

January 26, 2011

I know this is getting quite ridiculous but I have been on holidays for a while now and have been able to resurrect my (ab)normal interest in the things, both big and small, in the world around me. And I have had time to put it on this blog. It will all end soon. (I don’t mean that as some hideous portent of doom but am merely referring to the fact that I’ll be back at work next week).

Anyway, among the things that caught my eye afresh were an owl or two. (I’m sorry that I didn’t see a tawny owl to photograph when I was at Yenda, and that I didn’t see the morepork* that I could hear calling–it’s not really a hoot–in the bush at Duncan’s Bay. And there is an owl tea cosy in the kitchen pic. You have to look carefully.)


Here they be:


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