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NZ’s future is secure.

November 1, 2010

Julia  really just wants her freedom of speech back..




  • Nicky  What on earth did you say?


    Lara CENSORED!



Karl  This is your chance to get that joke family portrait of Tainui


Gen  Caro thought your horse drawing on our window was a badger. She then said you have missed your calling as an artist and that the saddle is very convincing. Good cover Caro, good cover.
Jeremy Ansell 

Jeremy  Shouldn’t you be in the law library?


    • Julia  How do you know I’m not? You must be there yourself to realise I’m not there.

      07 October at 19:28 ·  
    • Jeremy BOOM. Or you are there yourself, but because you are the only one there except for the Oriental desk staff, you know that I am NOT there and you are trying to use some reverse pychology.

      07 October at 19:35 ·  ·  
    • Julia  Just to somewhat change the subject, I love that Asian guy who works at the desk. When I was doing my law of the sea opinion and I got out a book on illegal fishing he was rambling on about how much he loves octopus. But at the time it was hilarious.

      07 October at 19:42 ·
    • William  I’m surprised he didn’t begin to ‘no speak english’ at the introduction of illegal fishing to conversation. It seems to be the custom on coastwatch.

      07 October at 19:44 ·
    • Armando  The Asian guy at the law desk is gay. He was hitting on me last time I was there and asked me if I knew any cute boys. Needless to say, I was startled.

      07 October at 19:47 ·
    • Julia  You should have suggested Jeremy. Because they both love the library, they’d have a lot in common.

      07 October at 19:51 ·
    • Armando  The prerequisite was that the boy needed to be cute. Jeremy didn’t spring to mind.

      07 October at 19:51 ·
    • Armando So can I just clarify, are you both in the library?

      07 October at 19:52 ·
    • Julia  No I’m at home. Jeremy is in the library.

      07 October at 19:53 ·
    • Armando  God knows what he does there.

      07 October at 19:54 ·
    • Jeremy  Julia is in the library. At night, when Campus Services lock up, she pretends to be one of the statue people in the rooms off the main corridor so that they don’t notice she is staying the night

      07 October at 20:40 ·
    • Julia  In my sleeping bag stuffed with book pages.

      07 October at 20:57 ·  ·

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