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A charming sisterly exchange

August 26, 2010
G Henderson Julia is home. She is wearing a pair of boots she bought off TradeMe. Her toes end about 5cm before the boots do and she has to get someone to pull them off for her. What a great buy.on Monday · Comment ·UnlikeLike ·UnsubscribeSubscribe


  • You like this.
    • Jo.Henderson yes but does she look like a stylish equestrienne?

      23 August at 19:56 · LikeUnlike
    • Ju.Henderson yes yes I think she does

      23 August at 21:44 · LikeUnlike
    • GHenderson I think that she just looks like a farmer who can’t afford to buy proper sized boots.

      Tuesday at 16:42 · LikeUnlike

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